Youth organisations, community centres, village halls and places of worship are among the organisations celebrating receiving awards through the second round of the Armistice and Armed Forces Communities programme. This programme makes awards of evocative silhouettes  that provide a focus for community events to bring people together to think about the Armistice; and people in Armed Forces Communities today, which includes serving personnel, their families and veterans.
Compton Dando, in Somerset, will be bringing their community together to remember all those who fought during the First World War, especially the three villagers who died during the war: Ben Harding, Henry Harvey and Fred Light. The project was awarded three silhouettes under round one of the programme  These silhouettes will be placed in the village as reminders of the three soldiers who died between 1914-1918. There will be an exhibition which will be open for three days, and a church service on the Sunday 11th November, followed by the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial. The church bell ringers will also be ‘Ringing for Peace’ on Sunday. Teas and cakes will be available on all three days.
10 Silhouettes were awarded Guild Chapel in Stratford-upon-Avon. Each silhouette will represent a soldier from Stratford-upon-Avon who fought in the First World War with a plaque giving their name, regiment and dates. Many of those who went to war and never returned were former pupils of King Edward VI School and the school is collaborating with the Chapel for a special ‘Evening of Remembrance’ as part of the project. On Tuesday November 7th, the ‘old’ boys of KES and of Stratford will be commemorated by the ‘new’ boys who attend the school. Ten pupils will sit next to the ten silhouettes, standing to read their name, regiment and story.
560 awards were made under Round two of the programme, and 641 awards were made under a special round supporting uniformed youth organisations who are wishing to hold community events. Working with Youth United, this programme is delighted to have made awards to 140 different  Army Cadets Units, 136 Girl Guide Units, 74 Scouts Units and awards to groups from the Boys Brigade, Fire Cadets, Girls Brigade, Royal Air Force Cadets, Sea Cadets, St John Ambulance Cadets and Volunteer Police Cadets. Events supported under these programmes will take place on or around the Armistice on 11th November 2018.


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  1. Jennifer Harrisson


    Milton Abbas, in Dorset, was lucky enough to get a grant of 10 silhouettes. So in October 2018 the local WWI group put on an exhibition. This time we focused more on 1918 as we had previously had an exhibition in 2014. It was on 2 sites the church and the reading rooms. Over 200 people attended during the 3 days. There was a recruiting desk where visitors could see if they were tall enough to join up and strong enough to lift a kit bag. We also had 2 photo’s comparing what a soldier took to war with him in 1914 – 1918 and what a soldier has to wear and take today. A WWI re-enactor was on hand to explain about life in the trenches and visitors were able to handle some of the items that he brought with him, including a machine gun, hand grenades and assorted head gear. In the church was another re-enactor who was the great, great granddaughter of Emily Davison who was killed in 1913 when she ran in front of the King’s horse. She wore a full suffragette costume and had many artefacts with her. Members from the local Royal British Legion also attended the 3 days. On display in the church were the 10 silhouettes each situated on a pew. By each one was put names of men from Milton Abbas who died during the war and where his name was on either our own war memorial or one from abroad. When the sun came through the stained glass window and struck 1 of the silhouettes it made a magical site. Many visitors took a moment to sit along side the silhouette whilst reading the information. Some appeared visibly moved by the dramatic effect of the light.
    Many lovely comments were received from the visitors, “a wonderful exhibition; it was fantastic; a moving experience.”

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