Projects We’ve Funded

The Covenant Fund makes grants in support of the Armed Forces Covenant. There are four overall themes that the Covenant Fund must take into account now and in future years when making decisions.

  • Non-core healthcare services for veterans;
  • Removing barriers to family life;
  • Extra support after service for those that need help; and
  • Measures to integrate military and civilian communities and allow the Armed Forces community to participate as citizens

In this section, you can find out about the grants that we have made this year. For earlier grants, please go to the About Us section to read our Annual Reports.  If you have a grant with us; you can find some useful resources in our section for Grantholders







10,977 silhouettes have been awarded to 1478 organisations. Read the full list of  Armistice and Armed Forces Community Round One Grants

You can also read about some of the projects we have funded through this programme.

Zelah is a small rural community in Cornwall, who are receiving 3 silhouettes. The people in the village are isolated from the church by fields and a major road; and have limited access to their War Memorial. They don’t have a community building, but they do have a bench and an orchard in the heart of the village. Nine men fell in WW1 from Zelah.

Their event will start at midnight on Sunday 11th November with the beginning of a Silent Watch. Their Tommy will sit on the commune bench in the community orchard. From midnight to midnight a local resident will sit beside him with a lighted candle between them. They will hold a community event at midday, involving different local groups. The two additional silhouettes will sit in the Church at St Allen

If you have an award under this programme, please visit our section for award holders







The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust has announced the second round of grants awarded under the Armed Forces Covenant Local Grants priority for 2018/19.  Read about the 45 grants totalling 723,973 made under the second round. We’ve got a feature on two of these projects here.

Read about the  29 grants totalling £415,217,  awarded under the first round.

You can also read about grants that were awarded by the Covenant Fund in earlier years below