The Covenant Fund is delivered by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. It has £10M a year to fund projects that support the Armed Forces Community. We also deliver other funding programmes to support the Armed Forces Community, such as the Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund and the Veterans Community Centres programme.

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund has four broad funding themes now and in future years.

  • Removing barriers to family life;
  • Extra support after service for those that need help;
  • Measures to integrate military and civilian communities and allow the Armed Forces community to participate as citizens;
  • Non-core healthcare services for veterans.

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund makes grants in a number of ways

The people who benefit from our grants are from the Armed Forces Community. This includes serving personnel, families, veterans and families of veterans. In some of our programmes, the wider community around a base or in an area with an Armed Forces population can also benefit; as we will support projects on one of our programmes that will help to encourage good relations between Armed Forces and civilian communities.

All of our grants are awarded through specific programmes. Each programme has an aim, which describes the change that we would like the funded projects to achieve.


The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly. For more information on the Armed Forces Covenant please visit

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